Monday, June 12, 2017


Finally.. I got the chance to post this picture. These are my favorite books. The plush was a christmas gift from a good friend celebrating her birthday today. I had the books for a while. They arrived on January 2017 and held it in my hands on the 14th of February 2017. These books helped me a lot during my down times and continue helping me up to this date. Mind Platter inspires me to be a good oh not just good but a better person. It is like a bond that holds me to believe in the goodness of people. It reminds me to be kind and easy to myself too. The other book, Nectar of Pain encourages me to love myself more. It continue showing me that I am not alone and I'm not the only one going through this kind of pain. These books, aside from bible of course, make me hold into my faith and to stick to what i believe in. It makes me feel that I'm stronger than my worries, insecurities, heartaches and weaknesses. These books make me conquer my fears and pushes me more to still believe in love. That I can surpass all the struggles. These books make  me feel that I am loved. I wanna thank the people who gave these to me. I've been a follower of the author since her first book. I was supposed to buy it but you guys gave it as a present instead. So THANK YOU again. If only I could share these books to all the people who are experiencing pain, broken and lost. Just message me, I'm willing to share some pages for you.

Hey, Don't you ever give up.

(o'. 'o)

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