Monday, November 13, 2017

R a n d o m

I just received a loooong message from someone telling something about a friend.. about my friend..  First of all, we are all adults here. When it comes to someone's personal life, I preferred to back off. Unless that a friend of mine will ask about my opinion then I will speak up. Unless she opens up to me and ask for help.. or advice. There are really some things that you never share to someone even how close you are to that person. I know the feeling. That is what you called, privacy. I respect that, because I want my privacy to be respected as well.

And for all those accusations, If she denies, I will believe in her. She is my friend, not you. If she confirms, I may not tolerate such things. I will share my thoughts, if she wants me to, and if not, I may still say a word, but it will never break the friendship.

I just hope I won't hear anything from you again. Not nice. Why don't you directly send her a message? Why bother messaging other people? Don't try my patience. Don't you even dare. Nah. I'll just sleep. Haha.

and please..  You have no right to tell me on what to do and not to do when it comes to my dear friends.

You may be hurting, but it doesn't give you a privilege to hurt other people too.

(o'. 'o)

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