Monday, April 11, 2016


I'm giving you a little update. Lol!

Today, I'm waiting for the LS & ADMU round 2 volleyball match. So sad I wasn't able to get tickets online and watch the game live. Sadness turned to happiness when I was told that a friend is coming over to visit us. So.. I'm gonna watch it with my best bully boy friend. I'm still waiting for them tho. He's with his girlfriend. Good thing that everything is cool between me and my guy friends girlfriends. Hahaha.

I'm still the same girl who loves chocolates and icecream. Everything goes smoothly at work. I got promoted so a little increase from my salary is a great news. Will you help me save? Haha. I learned that I could not please everybody so I just need to do my thing. I don't need to please them, but I have God to please. I learned now the value of giving and sharing without expecting in return. Everyday of my life I would always remind myself to 'stay humble and kind.' plus SMILE.. Sometimes, I feel that I'm getting so clingy coz' If I could hug everyone to make them feel they are loved, I would. No malice please. I have no time for new relationship tho. I'm busy loving all the people around me. But just in case he'd come, he must be a one tough man. A courageous man who has the nerve to deal with me, fight for me, choose me and love me. Then, I will be flattered. :) Little that I know, that there are so many things that has changed. Maybe not so much physically but what's important is the change inside of me.. and I like it!

Life is so short.. I better make it worthwhile.


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