Friday, November 11, 2011

Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Havaianas flip flops -- I got it first from my boyfriend ..
So sweet because it was from his first pay out (2010)

I bought my second flip flops two weeks ago.. (2011)
Out of my comfort zone I bought this orange slim cool flip-flops..
When I'm wearing it, I was like.. "Oh damn I got a nice feet"..
Plus the fact that I love stars made me drool to own one..

I just got my third havs yesterday.
I lurve it .. It's glow in the dark. heke!
*That cute moment when you know its glow in the dark,
You'll immediately turn off the lights" XD

The four of us went to Robinsons yesterday..
I was with my brother Mace, cousin charm and my bf Miorap.
Too bad Charm's boyfriend wasn't able to come with us..

We got 6 pairs of Havaianas flip flops.. Cool!
The other two is for my sister-in-law and Charm's bf..

Uhm we're with him .. Hows that!?
I like it when I'm seeing my brother and my boyfriend talk to each other..
And the fact that he's making him feel at ease..
I even found out that my brother went to his *bf* place to meet the tattoo artist.
Bonding moment!? haha.. :P

Going back..
You may say Havaianas flip flops are bit expensive than other flip flops ..
But remember after long day of work,
All we care of is to have our tired feet relax
and these flip flops can make you feel the comfort that you wanted to have..

There are things that we have to go for Quality instead of Quantity.
ayt. ayt??!!

"You can’t wear just any flip flops… it’s all about the Havaianas!" ;)

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nadine said...

sana makabili ako nian! haha :P kamusta?