Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I admit.. I'm such a crybaby.

I really dunno but I'm such a crybaby .. :(
Well it depends.. uhm.. whenever I watch cheesy movies, I cry..
When a movie tackles about family, I cry.
When it comes to the point that the lead role is dying, I cry.
I'm a strong person but I cry a lot! weird huh?
I easily cry when my boyfriend and I had a fight.
When my boyfriend did something sweet and unexpected, I cry.
I cry when my brothers says something not nice to me. hmpf..
I cry when I misses my mom and dad.
and there is this person that I really dunno why I can't help but cry when
I share to him about having a bad day. *Nakakaiyak ka kasi!* awtz. urgh.
*iyaking pishnge*


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