Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just got frozen.

I waited for three weeks... and I get NOTHING...

Learn how to let go.
It's not what we call GIVING UP, but means SACRIFICE AND LOVE.
You are giving those people freedom to do what they want even though it hurts you..
and that is..

YOU: out of their lives.

I did everything to keep the friendship. That's how I cherish my friends. But how can it go, if one of you already stop. In every relationship, it must be two-way. I've done my part as a friend. It was way too much, that it has to end. Accepting them as a friend and at the same time accepting that they don't need you anymore is one way to show that you are courageous enough to face it..

Just DEAL with it, LIVE with it, and LOVE it.. LIFE GOES ON.. :)

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