Sunday, June 26, 2011

Speedy Scandal

I just finished watching this movie. yey!
a korean movie you must watch .. Its so funny!!! :D
I like it from start til end.. heke.. :)

They're such a cool and talented family. wow! ;)

Cute scene: When Gi Dong (little kid) went to a kindergarten school and he
met his first ever crush. :D and at the same time his grandpa saw the principal.. i love their tandem. I really love the kid .. and when he smiles.. i can't help but smile too. I love it when he sleepwalk at night!. watatatatata XD He's so adorable!!

My favorite scene is when they're playing the card game "go stop".

Cha - Tae Hyun .- Nam Hyeon-soo
Park Bo- Young ... Hwang Jeong-nam
Wang Seok-hyeon ... Hwang Ki-dong

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