Tuesday, December 14, 2010

good vibe notes!:D

I wanna share and give this to Yanee. Why? o.O because I appreciate the 6 months of friendship with her. :) This is for you.♥

--> We first met during my birthday celebration (2010). Actually She is my friend's bestfriend. heke..!

--> I remember a month ago (exact date: nov 8), she sent me a text message and shared some problems and asked for advices. . That time she opened up her secrets and heart to me.. hmm..

--> I like her for her thoughtful deeds. She used to text me and say that she misses me and saying "Take Care".. and for me that is so sweet! :)

--> She's concern about my group messages.:D haha! for example I am not feeling well,, then after a minute or so, I will receive a text message from her that she's hoping I am gonna be alright soon.

--> Whenever she says "Thank you",, that means a lot to me..

--> She's making me feel the real meaning of friendship and I love it!

--> I think as of this moment she deserves this blog post!:D heke!

( THANK YOU mOo! )



Anonymous said...

tnx mOo :) hmm . ang sweet mu nmn . nahihiya tuLoy ako hehe . hindi ! saLamat s Lahat kasi lagee ka anjan for mee . basta bawe ako sau nexttym :) hmm s ngaun wag muna kasi La pa ku work hehe . ingatss ka Lagee . mua mua :* ur the best friend ever !

pishnge said...

heke.. nyee bakit d mo nalagay name mo mOo? haha :D nakalimutan ? haha.. uhm,, walang anuman!! :))